Victoria Wagner | June - August 2017

June - August 2017

Painting & Sculpture

“on the one hand, visual order provides a place for the senses to rest while color relationships create problems for the brain to solve. i like this simultaneity".

it is always exciting to introduce an artist local to the community, whose art speaks to the natural surroundings we live in.

victoria wagner, is an artist and adjunct professor at california college of arts, who lives in occidental, ca.

victoria's work explores painting and sculpture in various materials. she moves between standard oil on canvas to painting on aluminum, salvaged pieces of wood in unique color palettes using oil, gouache and acrylic.

“my work deals with observation and mystery. i am fascinated with unlikely material pairings. within the familiar arc of a line, a simple form, the pleasant cadence of common geometric shape."

beginning june 10th, we will be showing a new series of her paintings on aluminum, alongside smaller sculptures in wood and ceramic.