Eric Wolske


"Last year, during the fires, I looked to the sky many times, like it was supposed to give an answer to what was happening. Which is an interesting situation to put oneself nowadays, considering I can turn on my cellphone and see up to date satellite images. What became clear was that neither way of seeing was particularly better than the other. The only difference seems to be ones speed of engagement. The memory of seeing the falling ash, a sliver of blue sky, and of course the ever changing smoke and clouds became the starting point for this series of 19 drawings. The slow reveal of the sky in the drawings are for me the most interesting thing about them, its always there, you wish there was more, and helps give a sense of clarity of what is present. I like to say that these are my subdued reaction to my very chaotic 2020."

Showing 10 in a series of 19 drawings. Each are 9x9 inches. Oil and ink on paper. Signed and numbered on the back. Created ca. 2020-2021.

Born in Ohio and based in Sonoma County, Wolske attended Yale Summer School of Art and Music and received his BFA from Indiana University and MFA from Hunter College in New York City.

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