Tzuri Gueta

Tzuri Gueta received his BA in Textile Design from Shenkar, The College of Textile Sciences and Fashion in Ramat Gan, Israel. He lives and works in Paris as a fashion, textile and jewelry designer for Haute Couture Houses such as Thierry Mugler, Rochas, Dior, Armani and Gallant among others. As a jewelry and accessory designer, his latest line of work is created using silicone and silk thread. His choice of silicone lays in its ability to imitate the physical qualities of materials such as wood, ivory, coral, beads or leather, while infusing them with a subtle luminosity. Silicone can create forms and agreeable textures which range from soft, smooth or rough. The effect of the silicone injected in silk thread is thus organically simple from a distance, but reveals enormous complexity at a closer glance.