Talya Baharal

Baharal initially worked as a recognized wearable art objects maker and sculptor. For over 3 decades she exhibited and sold her art work nationally and abroad, received awards and grants and was widely published. For the past seven years, Baharal has worked exclusively in fine arts painting.

Of her painting she says;

“I have always liked to disturb surfaces. I like disrupting the perception of harmony and finding new meaning to the concepts and ideas of beauty. Aesthetic interpretations of vulnerability and decay combined with the bare essence of form and texture have always been at the core of my work.

A fascination with the process of nature’s corrosive elements and revealing what lies beneath the surface has spilled into my creative path of painting.

Much of my new painting work is created with many layers of paint and other mixed media. Through digging back in to the layers, disturbing, exposing previous visual thoughts, a compositional dialog emerges revealing the story of the painting.”

Talya Baharal lives and works in Hudson Valley, NY.