Eric Wolske

Eric Wolske is a fine arts painter who lives and works in Healdsburg, CA. This collection of paintings is a continuation of works, from his series begun in New York, exploring the abstraction of texts and languages.

“It was during one of those many times spent listening to a dial up modem when a thought popped into my head. What was staring out at me was the demise of handwriting. Of course this was the simplistic view of what was happening. A technology like handwriting does not die, it morphs. So this was the starting point. The idea was to write down every known mark every letter ever written. Ha. Ridiculous. But you start at point A and end up somewhere else. Maybe. Looking back the work seems to be a type of proto-writing. Today I am still influenced by the idea of a secret language, a type of cryptography of my own making, or a kind of visual syntax. Some of the elements in my new drawings come from my interest in the Internet of Value—for example, the letters and numbers that form a digital wallet. That would be one of my literal influences. More challenging to convey is the idea of a language being usurped. Code is the new writing.Yet its hidden. That idea is fantastically strange. The acceleration of code is changing the domain of language. The drawings are a visual stand in for the complexity of language that I see ourselves in.”

Wolske attended Yale Summer School of Art and Music, received his BFA from Indiana University and MFA from Hunter College in New York City.