Carina Shoshtary

Carina Shoshtary’s jewelry can be characterized as

emotional, imaginative and innovative. Shoshtary describes herself as a kind of modern hunter-gatherer as she finds the materials for her artworks in her immediate surroundings. Her choice of materials is often unusual: colorful graffiti from heavily sprayed walls, old bobbin laces found in a cellar, the plastic nets of shower sponges. All her materials have had a previous life, a former use and meaning. With scientific

curiosity and sensitive intuition, Shoshtary reveals the

potential of these materials.

She redefines the expressive and decorative qualities inherent to the materials by repurposing them in a different context.

Carina's educational background goes back to apprenticing as a goldsmith in Neugablonz, Germany from 2001-2004 and her studies in jewelry from 2006-2012, at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich under Professor Otto Künzli.

Carina has exhibited internationally and belongs to the public collections of Victoria and Albert Museum, London, The Röhsska Museum, Gothenburg and The International Design Museum Munich - among others.

Carina has won multiple and scholarships in Germany and the US.

She resides in Munich, Germany.